Someone who's face is fucked up. They are so ugly that they are done. Something like the uglist bitch you've ever seen. So far away from anything attractive that you forget what normal looks like.
That dude is done in!
by Sommer Goode December 05, 2007
Top Definition
Someone who is tired or exhausted
Someone ho has been beaten up
"Im so done in!!!

"Im gonna do you in!!!"
by MeMeMe August 02, 2013
a past tense form of "to do in;" used in the passive voice; having suffered an undesirable, unjust, wrongful, or careless act.
The victim was donein by her lover. The burned child was donein by playing with matches. When the baby cried, the Jewish family hiding in the closet was donein.
by Maurice Edwards April 28, 2008
Someone who is so ugly, the uglist person you've seen. Bad everything, hair, clothes, face, the works. They are just done.
That bitch Parisa is done in!
by Sommer Goode December 07, 2007
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