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A term combining "isn't real" and "don't exist", this internet meme was coined by MannixThePirate of Youtube and Blogtv.

Some things that don't real include: aliens, mental illness, female orgasms, God, 9/11, grammar, and mudkipz.
Paul: Hey man, look at those hot lesbians over there!

Nick: Pfft, you're a moron. Lesbians don't real.
by xToadlordx September 02, 2009
Non Existent. Not real. Saying something isn't real, or something that doesn't seem real. Something that is fake, or lame.
MannixThePirate: Pff Jesus and God don't real, dumbass!
by BlasphemyIsOne September 13, 2009
When something don't real
9/11 don't real, AIDS don't real, cars don't real, the moon landing don't real
by Cult Killer September 22, 2009
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