The perfect answer to any question, fulfills all questions and still makes sense. Works best when said in a simpl monotonous voice; this helps not to anger as many people when said. Though it still efectively does.
Appropriat Use
-Teacher, "Jimmy what is the answer to question number seven?"
-Jimmy, "Don't worry about it"
-Teacher, "Wuh?"
-Jimmy, "Just don't"
(Jimmy gets 100% in that class)

Inappropriate Use
-Curious peer, "Dude why are you missing an arm?"
-You, "Don't Worry About It"
-Curious peer, "do you want me to call 911, cause youare gushing blood?"
-You, "Don't worry about it"
-No-Longer-Curious peer, "OK"
(you later die from loss of blood)
by Don't Worry About It...... May 01, 2009
A phrase used in a sarcastic annoying tone when you don't want to tell something to someone.
Jo: Yo guy, what did you do with that booch last night?
Michael: MMMM.... Don't worry about it.
Jo: What the hell
by Nasan December 11, 2006
an overly used, annoying phrase that people say. When someone says this the other person may feel like punching him/her out.
stop saying it
cindy : What are you wearing to the party?
mindy: Just don't worry about it
cindy: fuck you

cindy: Oh em gee , i failed my bio test
mindy: just don't worry about it

cindy: what time is it ?
mindy: just don't worry about it
by moomoocow:) November 03, 2006
universal phrase used to answer any question, and in rare cases, cause extreme anger and frustration in the person asking the question.
(1) Joe: "What song are you listening to?"
Me: "Don't worry about it."

(2) Josephine: "Hey, you want to go out tonight?"
Me: "Don't worry about it."

(3) Joseph: "Shit, I'm about to miss the train. What time is it, man?"
Me: "Don't worry about it."
by k.nin3 August 31, 2006
a phrased that is derived from a very cool asian kid who lives in the state of georgia and goes to duluth high school. there is no perfect comeback for this phrase, therefore, everyone starts to scrub (copy) off this kid cuz they cant think of their own phrase.
During a test...
Boy 1: "Pssss whats the answer to number 7"
Boy 2: "Don't worry about it"
Boy 1: "dude why do you have to be a bitch"
Boy 2: "don't worry about it"
Boy 1: "faggot"
Boy 2: "dont' worry about it"

Boy 1 gets owned

by thataznkid January 26, 2009
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