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in Kurdish: A silent fart that smells lethal

Man alon yek Pashote doddam, hame eenjoh meemeeran!
by Nasan December 11, 2006
Can stand for many things including:

Somebody Eats Choce (You are being a shittalker in Farsi)
Smelly Eggs and Cheese
Sephardic Educational Center
Sweet Easter Candy

also the name of a Crew centered in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica

Peace nigga

S.E.C. is G'd up cuz
by Nasan December 20, 2006
A phrase used in a sarcastic annoying tone when you don't want to tell something to someone.
Jo: Yo guy, what did you do with that booch last night?
Michael: MMMM.... Don't worry about it.
Jo: What the hell
by Nasan December 11, 2006
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