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A phrase you might have heard from Malibu's Most Wanted.

MEANS: don't be a hater

don't dislike somebody because you're not them

Don't hate on somebody because of your jealousy
Yo, don't be hatin.

Why you hatin on me.

Don't hate me cuz you aint me.
by Chanelly524 May 07, 2007
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phrase from MALIBUS MOST WANTED. means dont hate a playa.
Yo dont be hating just cuz i have 2 girls.
by Roofy April 02, 2003
dont be hatin the wigger man. We are peoplz too i am the best iwgger tere is so. Dont Be hatin.
Joe: Hey Wigger, stfu plz!
Me: Don't be hatin. I'm one of j00'z!
by e|dJ-Iceman May 22, 2003

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