A Phrase used by Truck Drivers.
It means not to speed and give the Bear money for another Donut.
East Bound Don't Feed The Bears you got'em Wall to Wall from the 186 mile marker to the 54 mile marker.Don't give them a reason to take food off your childrens plate.
by MarkDB1973 February 06, 2009
Top Definition
A phrase used by ER Physicians descriping the refrain from prescriping narotics.
Hey Dr. Graves, Don't Feed the bears. They only come back for more.
by Dr. A November 13, 2004
A phrase clearly stating, "Don't Feed the Bears" this rule is best followed if one cares about his or her puny pathetic life. Otherwise just screw it, feed the friggin' bear.
"Billy! I said not to feed the bears!"
"but pa'"
"No! Not buts, this is the last time i get you a fake body part!"
by for all you know its "Bill" March 17, 2005
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