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You're just jealous...
Jerry Springer: "Vikki is here to tell her husband Jason she's really a man."
Audience: "Sit Down He-She, Sit Down He-She!"
Vikki: "DON"T HATE, DON'T HATE!!! You know I look good, DON'T HATE!"
by Latisha June 04, 2002
to say dont make fun of, to tell to be nice, something random to get someones attention
whoa dont hate on me i am G.P.
by geoff March 09, 2003
Said to people who dont like you, simply because you are better than they are
Dont hate me 'cos im better than you
by adrian chiles April 27, 2008
Ostensible meaning: "Don't criticize me unfairly, with hatred in your heart."

Actual meaning: "I may have committed a bad act (though obviously I'm not going to admit that in so many words) but you are far worse. At least I don't have hatred in my heart. You are a bad person."

Or: "I reject your right to criticize me at all, even when I am obviously in the wrong, and I show my contempt for the very idea by refusing even to engage with your justified criticism, implying that it is motivated by jealousy and vindictiveness."
You: "Duane, you trashed my car, killed my mom and slept with my girlfriend!"

Duane: "Don't hate, little buddy."
by Paul Bee May 11, 2010
You want to be just like me admit it!
1.You have just won the lottery Ms.babatunde!!!
Ms.Babatunde: Don't hate, Don't hate
by DemetruisQ85 October 01, 2003
A phrase used by hillbillies on American talk shows like Ricki Lake. It literally translates from hillbillie to 'I admit I'm not as smart/sexy/sure about my gender as you, but please, try not to draw attention to it.'
Ricki Lake: Now we have Mary-Ellen-Susie, who says that it's okay to take her daughter partying, because her daughter is too fat to get laid!"
(Mary-Ellen-Susie wobbles out, and the crowd boo.)
Mary-Ellen-Susie: DON'T HATE, DON'T HATE!
by Stephen W. Thomas October 13, 2004
Slang for "please be nice to me" used by wiggers who think it wounds more street.
by DaMan August 08, 2003
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