DOMO! ... word used to describe something good. Also can be randomly inserted into any random sentence.
1) That was totally domo!
2) I domo like domo ice cream.
by Mickey Ray J May 06, 2010
a cock sucking fag who likes it in the butt. thinks he can get any pussy but really has a small dick. moans in pleasure when he's being pound in the backdoor.
domo: fuck me in the ass, i like big dicks in it cause i have a teeny one
by bigdick10324 June 06, 2011
A word for a dirty dick sucking whore, A Domo.
I saw a guy giving Domo money.
by Shnigga Bogga March 26, 2010
A handsome person with a nice smile and friendly for the most part. And love having fun and being with the opposite sex. Likes being in control of things.
Domo is cool and always has fun.
by skully mack May 20, 2008
One who does not pay back the cash that they have owned for a period of time, usually a year or so.
yo nigga u domo'd my ass bitch, where my money at?
by Arnel December 10, 2007
An extremely hot guy that im secretly attracted to and would do anything he ever asked me!
Wow that guy is a total Domo.
by i really do like you... February 26, 2009
a particularly hairy young man, often polish with an dark black hair
Damn! That domo needs to shave his nasty ass arms
by Dip Duece April 17, 2006

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