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a term for a housewife or stay at home mom. (or dad)
My mom doesn't work in an office, she's a domestic engineer.
Domestic Engineers don't get enough credit for all the work they do in the house.
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by maryf September 02, 2006
An alternative description for a Housewife / Househusband, a job that is often undervalued as it is unpaid and not within the formal workplace. The role typically includes caring for children as well as being a Cook, Cleaner, Laundress / Laundryman, Chauffeur, Teacher, Nurse, Secretary and Counsellor.
I am not just a Housewife, I am a Domestic Engineer!
#housewife #house wife #househusband #house husband #domestic engineer #stay at home
by KLieberman January 31, 2015
A fictional occupation.

A person who has no occupation other than housework, yet still wants to appear to be useful, may decide to refer to herself/himself as a "domestic engineer". Such people are also overheard referring to themselves as "professionals" etc.

However official the title "domestic engineer" may sound, there is no engineering involved, and there is no formal education required to obtain this title.
Actual Engineer: What is your occupation? Do you have a degree?
Domestic Engineer: I'm a domestic engineer, and I have an associate's degree in liberal arts.
Actual Engineer: So you're unemployed and you're not an engineer.
Domestic Engineer: <cough> uhmmm...
#liar #lie #unemployed #lazy #waffle iron
by arghargh August 03, 2011
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