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To receive oral sex while playing Call of Duty. A play on the words "dome" and "domination (a gametype)."
Guy 1: Dude I got a blumpkin kabutops last night!

Guy 2: Is that so? Well I got Domeination! She captured my flag.
by gmac1993 August 13, 2011
Getting a blowjob while you are playing Modern Warfare 2. Dome, being the blowjob, and Domination being a type of game you can play on Modern Warfare 2. Therefore, you have your word, "Dome-ination."
Dude, I was practicing some dome-ination last night.
by Dougie Fresh Morris June 19, 2010
A word with several meanings; all of which converge into one epic word that is Dome-ination.

Dome-ination could mean:
-Recieving Dome (head, bj, etc.)
-When you are with a buddy and you see a hot bitch you'll never get with but wish to recieve dome from, you would precede to say "Dome-ination" to one another.
-to "Dome-inate" (face fuck)
by Master-Baker May 08, 2010
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