Fuck you or screw you. It's a term vietnamese alway use to express there anger or happiness.
I got my new car! Do Mai !
by Suiko March 22, 2006
Top Definition
A website which has popularised the 'simple nude' style of photography, where the focus is on the beauty of the subject (usually female) rather than sexuality or art (e.g. light & shade)
Eolake Stoblehouse started the simple nudes thing with his domai website
by asriel3k April 30, 2005
An acronym that stands for Dirty Old Men's Association International.

Men who qualify like porn of younger women, the more like jailbait the better.
Wilbur loved surfing the DOMAI sites, it was the only way he could stir his 70 year old pecker to life.
by Casewhacka July 16, 2004
A person of vietnamese descent that exemplifies their people -- short, small eyes, wife beater, slicked back hair, acura legend, valedictorian of community college, gangsta'd out, extremely ferocious, extremely annoying native tongue, brown criss cross sandals, always smoking, and is never without other Do Mai's in public.
Why the hell are you slicking back your hair, are you some kind of do mai?
by Trung Ngoc November 02, 2005
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