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When you take chewing or bubble gum of your favorite brand and flavor back out of your mouth after chewing it for a while and roll it into a ball between your hands and wait for it to get some of that delightful flavoring back to the whole wadd of gum, then you put it back in your mouth and chew it more until, ultimately every bit of flavoring is exhausted out of the gum, after which case you either swallow it or spit it out.

Pronounced Dohl.Yohlt
Dolyolt was just a non sensical name that I gave to such a process when I was 6 years old, because I thought the name of the word sounded different or out of the ordinary.

Me back in Kindergarten singing to self: Dolyolt chew the dolyolt till all the flavor is gone, roll the dolyolt between your hands to get the flavor back lah lah dahh de dah......
by Phaenixdrools April 19, 2009
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