a fat kid who blatantly had jam around his face as a seven year old and is now a bit of a mong
fucking hell, alex is such a lung buttery dollop
by lung butter appreciation society November 07, 2007
Top Definition
<noun> Slang;

An amount of a sufficiently viscous substance such as mayonnaise or jelly to form a large blob on a particular surface when placed there with a kitchen utensil such as a table-spoon.
SINAED: "Would you like anything else with that?"
PADDY: "Yeah, go on then. Give us a dollop of mayonnaise, please.
SINAED: "Certainly Sir. My only place in life is to serve you."

A dollop of cum.
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
a large amount of a a semi-liquid subsentence , or oddly shaped object of person
"A dollop of daisy" add for daisy sour cream

She looked like someone took a large amount of lard and just dolloped it
by lostwng June 28, 2009
plural for small marijuana pieces dropped
'Dude, pick up those dollops! We dont need to waste any weed!'
by Rasta Surprise October 09, 2014
One who is such a squishy bear. A dollop is also silly and maybe have the name James.
James, your such a dollop!
by grapes1234 April 08, 2012
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