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Phrase used during football (soccer) meaning a player kicked the ball extremely high over the cross-bar from less than 6 yards away. Usually during a very good scoring opportunity.
However this is not used when a player hits it far wide.
"Oh no, Guy3 is doing a jonny"
"Haha, Guy1 just did a jonny"
"Hope Guy4 doesn't do a jonny again"
"Hey man, I bet I am going to do a jonny later"
by M4rkyboy1 November 20, 2011
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Overestimating your ability to drink to the extent that the rest of your night is spent learning that you missed your limit considerably.
Did you see the state of the mens jacks at Kealan's?
Ya looks like someone was Doing a jonny..

Do you guys have enough buckets for if someone ends up.. you know... Doing a jonny?
by MikeS55 March 07, 2012
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