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When a suggestion or statement is said, and in less than a minute someone says the same thing, oblivious that it has already being said.
Matthew: Hey. Wanna go get something to eat?
Kieren: Sure. Why Not?
Danny: Lets go to subway.
Kieren: Lets Go!

1 Minute Later

Ben: Wanna go subway for dinner?
Matthew: You're Doing A Ben, yet again.
by Sinspawn 70 July 06, 2010
When a very clumsy mandem accidently spits on themself.
Ben:*does a Ben*
Ben: Shit blud, i just fatty spat on myself innit :(
Ginge: disallow your bad self mandem!
Jam: Stop doing a Ben or your clothes will get wet rofl.
Ben:*toots on the zoot*
by Tom Reff November 15, 2007
Saying or doing something which is instantly and unequivocally ignored.
Guy 1: Hey guys, wanna hang out at Little Chef? Guys? Little Chef? Get some hash browns? GUYS?!? Hello?
Guy 2: Lol nobody is listening to him
Guy 3: Haha yeah he's Doing a 'Ben'
by Lobo and Vega October 04, 2010
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