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1: Purchasing more equipment in favour of putting in some hard work.

2: Driving Under the Influence

"Buying this Coke can opener was such a good idea, so little effort is required to open these cans now, but I feel like I'm doing a Ripped every time i use it"

"I've been working on this enclosure all night, and i just cant make the damn thing work!!! I'm THIS CLOSE to Doing a Ripped"

"Hrm.. i reckon i can fit a few more D3's in there... ahhhh to hell with it, i'm gonna do a ripped, if anyone wants me i'll be at the shops"

"My score is a bit higer this comp even though i'm using the same enclosure as last time. but its only cause i did a ripped last night instead of finishing off my new enclosure"


"Oh shit, theres an RBT station up ahead and i'm doing a ripped!"
by Some REALLY cool guy July 06, 2004
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