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The art of walking around with your office shirt hanging out the back.
Did you see Chris down the hall? He was seriously doing a biggsy!
#doing #a #biggsy #shirt #untucked
by officesquirrel November 05, 2009
10 Words related to Doing a Biggsy
An accident-prone person in particular when handling containers of liquid or food.
1. Knocking over a glass of red wine and staining your white shirt whilst attending an important diner engagement is 'Doing a Biggsy'.

2. When you habitually knock over bottles with your elbow whilst reaching for other items on a dining table, you are 'Doing a Biggsy'.

3. If you spill half of your food before returning from a buffet you are 'Doing a Biggsy'
#klutz #clumsy #foolish #inept #accident-prone
by From Mexico December 20, 2009
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