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One who is being overboard and outrageous.
Someone who can't be like others and do what is asked, but one who has to always do more and make other cats look bad.

;One who dresses to wild or tries 2 be hood.
One who sings loudly or does any over the top actions.
Boy 1: Hey! Hey! Give me my bookbag man!
Boy 2: Son, calm down!
Boy 1: Hell naw! Dude took my bookbag!
Boy 2: You Doin To Much Son.

''Ma, I'll clean my room later. Go back 2 sleep. You doin to much.''

Girl 1: Ms. Smith asked for a 10 page report.
Girl 2: Man, she be doing to much!
Girl 1: I know right!
by A.L33 October 20, 2007
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