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PoeticIrony, otherwise known as "Dogmongler" is a sick bitch who gained fame by very odd means.
It all started out as her being a attention-whore on Deviantart(PoeticIrony - Now banned).
Somehow anonymous-man found pictures of her on a bestiality site... with her dog. You get the idea. (The pictures are still up there, I'm not giving links, but you can still find 'em)
Note: Anony also found her phone number, school, myspace, etc.
Basically just found ways to harrass her.

She claimed innocence, saying the photos were shopped.

It's a kinda meme now(on 4chan), with pictures of her and her two overweight friends standing in a picture, the mongler in front, with a lined piece of paper(Probably with her name on it)
It has now been changed to blank, so you can put hilarious words on it.

Just so you guys have peace of mind, the dog was taken away when the event reached her parents.

BY THE WAY, you can get her phone number on the net, so be sure to check if you want to bother her.
"Someone posted my stuff all over the internet! I didn't care at first til my mom and dad saw them all,NOW THEY TOOK AWAY MY DOG! PLEASE,DELETE THEM ALL!"
That ^ was orginally in all caps.
by 4chan March 24, 2007
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