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To be the best at something.The Highest Skill Level a Player can reach.The Very Best at any of the following Dance,BaseBall,Sewing,Fishing,Hunting,FootBall,Soccer,Hockey and BasketBall. Valedictorian of your class. Being The Best PA,Doctor,and or Surgeon in a Hospital. The Best Employee of any Company. Any person or animal that is viewed and or judged to be the best a.k.a The Top Player.
My son is a Straight Up DogKilla when he plays BaseBall and FootBall.
My Husband/Wife is DogKilla at Heart Surgery.
Have You saw Michael Vick Play this year? He is a DogKilla.
My Teacher is the Dogkilla.
My Grandma is a total DogKilla at Scrabble.
MY wife is a Dogkilla.
by aLienationz January 02, 2011
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