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A dog tail is when a man finishes intercourse with a woman doggy style but keeps the tip of his penis located at the lips of the woman's vagina. It is called a dog tail because from a side view the woman looks like a dog on her hands and knees with a tail.
I was watching my roommate have sex with this girl in such a position that from the side it looked like she was a dog with a dog tail.
by John relaxationsssss November 20, 2010
A hairstyle. When one wears a ponytail on either side of the head. like pigtails, but not braided.
The little girl running down the street wore her red hair in dogtails.
by Bri160 July 30, 2006
A stubborn or rigid person, who never changes himself or his attitude even through hardships or in unfavorable circumstances
my friend was imprisoned two years back now he is released but he has not changed at all , he has not mended his ways, he still do the criminal activities , he seems to be a "Dog Tail" which can never be straighten even kept in the pipe for long.
by Vickas Gupta from Rampur.U.P April 02, 2010
The leftover batter at the end of a stick after a Corndog is consumed.
"Dude, is that your corndog?"
"Can I have the dogtail after you get finished with it?"
by ill_will616 February 08, 2009
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