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when a female uses the force of water to feel good... usually laying down in the bathtub and letting the warm water forcefully hit the vagina.
-my vibrator works so well
-yeah well so does hydromasturbation
by ardnek March 08, 2005
when you get so drunk that when you wake up the next morning u have rug burns on your forehead
-dude, last night was so sick
-hell yeah it was.. what happened to your forehead
-hmm i musta been rug burn drunk
-wow thats so drunk
-yea its awesome
by ardnek March 08, 2005
when you take your dogs tail and put a condom on it and use it as a dildo
-oh man i had such a good time last night
-yeah, me too. i used my dildo
-i dont have a dildo but i improvised using dog tail sex
by ardnek March 05, 2005

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