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When a girl's sucking your dick and you pet her hair like you would pet a dog. Not to be confused with doggy style.
It's too bad that when that hooker does it dog style her bite is worse than her bark.
by Tikibarberfan July 29, 2010
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Dog Style is the same as "Doggystyle", however, it is a more appropriate term because "Doggy" is somewhat of a misnomer. Children call dogs "doggy", but adults (who have the actual sex) would refer to dogs as "dogs."
Woman: Phew! That was a real reaming!
Man: Yeah! Should we try to go right from reverse cow girl into dog style?
Woman: Boo yeah! I'll get on all fours!
Man: I'll enter from behind. I love dog style.
by G$ and S-T-U January 08, 2005

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