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The shit that is left on the ground or sidewalk after picking up after your dog.
Guy 1- Man you've got some serious dog rash there.

Guy 2- Tell me about it. Mitzi, my four legged friend, ate something that didn't agree with her and now it's squirting out her ass. Hey do you have a paper towel? This shit is seeping through my fingers.

Guy 1- That's sick man. Just spread it out really thin across the sidewalk. Hard or soft that's what I do.

Guy 2- What?

Guy 1- Yeah, it drys a lot quicker spread out and then I don't have to carry a bag around all the time.

Guy 2- Gross! You should pick up your dog's shit.

Guy 1- What!? Look at all the dog rash around here! Obviously I'm not the only one.
by JACponica September 26, 2011
From the language coined at Staffordshire University; A word to describe something negative, replaces usual swear words with something more acceptable in public while remaining somewhat strange yet usable.
Person 1: Man, I've got an exam tomorrow for 3 hours

Person 2: Dude that's total dog rash
by saucehair March 11, 2011
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