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The art of playing dodgeball with a large rubber penis. Rules for the game include: must be played naked, apponent who does not have control of the dodgecock must face away, game is played similar to horseshoes or lawn darts.
Yoda: You wanna play dodgecock.
Henri: No, I'm too busy playing Kung Fu Panda.
Yoda: Come on, I thought we were brothers.
Henri: All right, let me wash my gear from the last time you got a ringer.
by Into Thee Abyss January 14, 2010

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A game played in the men's locker room. The goal of the game is to avoid brushing up against another dude's phallus while maneuvering through the locker room.
"Today we had another game of dodge cock in the locker room."
by Fuzz Butt July 25, 2013