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A full size sedan made by DaimlerChrysler from 1993-2004, part of Chrysler's LH platform. Sleek, aerodynamic design, drives like a sports sedan.
Chrysler should reintroduce the Dodge Intrepid back into Dodge's lineup -- maybe then they wouldn't be facing bankruptcy.
by intrepidnation January 27, 2010
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THE GREATEST CAR EVER!!!!! I have an '01 ES, 2.7l V6, gold, 100,000 miles, mint condit. That's how I roll.
Mike drives a Dodge Intrepid. That's a nice car.
by mikethemanjr November 09, 2007
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gayest car dodge made!
"Richards mom drives a 4 sec. Dodge Intrepid with gold rims and left the golden stains on my sidewalk while she tried to bust a bitch"
by peeedro September 04, 2008
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