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A pussy that is wider than it is deep.
Dude me and my gf hooked up last night and i totally put my chode in her doche!
by Chodey Doche July 21, 2006
a doche is a pussy that is wider than it is deep.
dude i hooked up with my girlfriend lastnight and i totally put my chode in her doche.
by chodey doche July 20, 2006
The result of squashing poco to a normal perons width, therefore resulting in his flab getting sqqished vertically upwards, making him around 5 metres high....a giant doche
lets play push the poco....omg we pushed so hard hes turned into a giant doche
by Petor May 28, 2004
Contrary to popular belief doche is used to signify the orgasmic awesomeness of any person, place or thing. It is often used as a greeting in conversation to celebrate the moment you meet someone you pwn at life.
It has opposing or unrelated meanings to the word douche or douche bag.
Warning: Do not use this word against severely insecure or suicidal persons.
Doche Doche Doche! I feel incredible seeing you I fuckin' own you in all ways possible. You make me feel great. Doche!
by pdochesti May 07, 2007
really really long donga (preferably 2 metres)which is skinny (about 14mm)that my friends, is a doche.
Silky u doche!
dochey lad!
by Tucker December 03, 2003
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