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nose hairs that protrude like doctor octopus tentacles
wow did you see joe's doc ock's? he really needs to trim those things in his nose.
by master-blaster February 20, 2009
(Noun, Verb) When a girl gets penetrated in 6 different orifices in her body by 6 different guys. Refers to the infamous tentacled character from the Spiderman comic books.
This morning was the worst. I woke up with every part of my body sore! I think I must have gotten doc-ocked last night!

Every hole in my body is huge so I'm perfect for a doc ock. I guess I better watch out.

-"Wanna doc ock me?"
-"Yeah, let me call up the guys"
by Dr. Octopus 69 January 14, 2010
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