When somebody has a "turtlehead" poke out of their anus and recesses back into the anus; causing the stool to milk the prostate in turn gives the male a boner. This ensuing boner is the "Dob Bole"
I had to shit so bad after that mexican guacamole that I got a Dob Bole and used it to fuck my sisters mom.
by B. Dole June 21, 2006
Top Definition
When a male has to take a shit really badly. That shit begins to turtle-head and recesses back into the butthole, milking the prostate and creating an ensuing boner. That boner is a Dob Bole.

Thus, a Dob Bole is a boner caused from fecal matter milking the prostate.

Note: No outside sources of feces can contribute to the Dob Bole, only your own.
Brian: Oh my god, I have to take a huge shit.

Nate: Dude, you smell like youre prairie dogging. And why do you have a boner?

Brian: Don't worry, thats just my Dob Bole. It'll go away after I move my bowels.
by Yes, its Brian January 25, 2008
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