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A negative word which can be used as a verb,adverb,noun. It can practically be used for anything.
What the doaf is that? Quit doafing around, let's go.
Haha, look at that doaf. Bob is the biggest doaf I've ever known. Hey yo DOAF!
by The Kevin Murray February 07, 2008
Dick On A Fence- When someone attempts to scale a fence and either nuts them self real hard (DOAFSacked) or gets caught on the fence thus suspending them self from said fence.
"Hey, look at that stupid DOAF!"

"You missed it! Rick just got DOAFSacked!"
by Grandmaster DOAF February 25, 2014
A person who is both a dork and an oaf
Bill Haverchuk, Martin Starr's character on the hit television show Freaks and Geeks is a classic example of someone who truly embodies the doaf persona. Former NBA player Shawn Bradley is another prominent doaf.
by NotaDoaf November 29, 2012
(Warning: may offend religious persons)

A slang, often used by Athiests/Agnostics (can also be used by other religions persons) to offend someone who believes anything that they read which has to do with thier current religion... when they cannot prove it true, and sound naive about it.

Mainly, pre-mature religious persons who are first exposed to the religion that are to be teached to them, are considered doafs, because they never reason and ask to PROVE it is true at first... unless they have an IQ over 9000!!!

At least 99.99999% of ALL Christians over the age of 18 are considered doafs.
A typical naive Christian, basicly.

"OMG that person believes that everything in the Bible is true... yet he can never PROOVE it is Gods word!? What a doaf."

You cannot prove that you naturally need to be Christian, when you are naturally born ATHIEST. Are you some kind of doaf or something???"
by Jimbol October 29, 2008
Someone who is too stupid to be a doofus.
Jim is too stupid to be classified as a doofus, so we call him doaf.
by Ryan P. Sanchez July 07, 2006

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