Dick of Death
Me: Look at how the mactastic Snoop balances the car on his dangerous D.O.D.
by killerrex57 May 29, 2009
The overall perfect guy, only one in existence. He is incredibly unique and good looking. Any person would be blessed to have him. Once found, he will make you fall in the deepest love possible. He is the most creative and outgoing person you will ever meet. He enjoys making others laugh but you wouldn't want to get on his bad side. He can take control of any situation and use it to his advantage. He is skilled with his hands and a great worker. Someone who gives it his all when he sets his mind to it. His alter ego is named Steve. Not to mention the most amazing lover. He may refer to his buddy as the dick of death. If you ever come upon him it is recommended to never let go of him. As leaving him would be a great loss.
"Wow, who's that guy over there!?"

"That's Dod the God"
by Fuckerist June 20, 2014
Dick of Death(Deth).

1)A person who is sarcastic to the point of being mean.
2)A male person with HIV/AIDS
3)A great songwriter and guitar player of the Heavy Metal genre.
4)A male person usually but not necessary, who when having sexual intercourse enjoys to "Plant it deep". and sometime make sex hurt for the other partner.
1)He always has been kinda a dick, but today he is the D.O.D. it seems. Nothing is good enough or right enough with the world or anything right now.
2)Don't fuck that dude, girl. Don't you know he has the D.O.D.?

3)Remember that guy from that Slam Metal band? I think his stage name was the D.O.D.

4)After a long night of partying the band members are getting their morning coffee and talking. One speaks up all proud of himself and states "yea I gave that chick the D.O.D. last night. She will be back for more count on it!
by DoomDoomRacer June 18, 2011
Disk of Dough.
Originated from the novel "The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks" by E. Lockhart. It refers to pizza, but the kind of crappy pizza you get anywhere but New York.
-"Dude, I want some pizza"
-"Nah bra, you can't call the crap here 'pizza'"
-"What should I call it then?"
-"A disk of dough. A D.O.D. It doesn't deserve the honored title of 'pizza'"
by pizzasnobbery December 31, 2010
Dead on Departure
The man sitting in the ambulance is D.O.D
by vividsin March 24, 2010
Dick Of Death. What you give a girl that you have been wanting to nail for a long time, usually resulting in the girl lacking desire for sex for a while because you literally killed the pussy.
Dude, that blonde bombshell from the gym came home with me Saturday night and I gave her the DOD in every orifice. After I jizzed in her mouth, she just laid there like a zombie.
by TWON February 24, 2004
Door Open Duse. When you poop with the door open
when my mo left for work i went straight to the bathroom for a D.O.D. sesh
by Urinature August 03, 2011

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