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Another way of saying "Do Work". Taken from a exert of a season C.D of Rob and Big in which they try to find new words and one of the first things they say is Do Jobs.
Rob: Gotta do some kickys and maybe some heelys. and even a SHOVIE
Big Black: DO JOBS SON!
Sound guy: Just read the cue card...
#rob #and #big #do #work #do jobs
by KaiKaine January 18, 2008
A new hair style someone may recieve. Sometimes includes a short cut, or a complete overhall of the hair. May also refer to the hair style.
Look at Chrissy's new do job.
#hair-do #hair-cut #hair-style #hairdo #doojob
by goodriddance September 15, 2009
A masturbation done with no hands in which the elbows of another person ejaculates the penis. But hands are not allowed. Done when elbows are pushed together against the male sex organ and moved back and forth
Betty gave John a dojob.
#do job #do-job #job #do #dojob
by Specialized109 December 20, 2006
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