to get work done

to phisically accomplish a task that involves work

to literally do work
lets Do Work son

i just did work

u need to do work
#work #done #do work son #task #acomplish a task
by jason1228 December 06, 2009
Top Definition
Coined by Rob Dyrdek and his personal body guard Christopher "Big Black" Boykins, "Do Work" works as a self motivator, to motivating your friends. It ranges from, but is not limited to "taking a dump" and "Nailing" a skateboarding trick. The possibilities for this phrase are endless, you just have to know how to use it.

Also, D.W, short for "Do Work" can be used as well.

Person 1: I'm going to backflip off of this 20 foot ledge.
Person 2: DO WORK!

Example 2:
Person 1: Oh shit son, did you see that backflip off that 20 foot ledge?!
Person 2: DO WORK BABY!, D. W. DO WORK.

#do work #do #work #d. w #d #w
by Ian "Do Work" Peterson December 23, 2006
From MTV's Rob and Big. Do Work is getting motivated and gettin something done. Do work as in stay busy, make moves, get it done, dont be lazy, get it up, bang out finals, make calls to ppl you usually dont, round up the troops, hammer chicks, get lit, do work. A better version of Get er done.
Nutritionist: Do you ever eat to the point where you feel overstuffed and uncomfortable?

Big Black: No, No because that means its about time to do work. Its time to go take a dump.
#doin work #big black #get er done #put in work #dw
by JT dubs December 20, 2006
A phrase inputted towards any action, usually used as a form of encouragement to others or one`s self. Derived from MTV`s amazing show Rob & Big.
1)ROB: You are doing work on that burger

2)ROB: Watch me hit this gap
#do #work #rob #and #big #mtv
by Ryan Dudeski March 24, 2008
To get shit done, not fuck around, always be on point.
You gotta do work.
#do #work #get done #on point #not fuck around
by acidrain420 July 15, 2011
to accomplish a task. could be eating, dumping, gettin some booty...any variety of things
Ex 1 - I'm bout to do work on this burger, son!
Ex 2 - After I eat this burger, I'm gonna have to go do some work
Ex 3 - Dude 1: I got a huge english test tommorow
Dude 2: Do Work Son!
#work #dump #sex #burger #booty
by ClayClay October 08, 2007
A term used by etricoach athletes and coaches to describe a hard effort during training or racing. Athletes are encouraged to DO WORK regularly during training in order the fell comfortable DOING WORK during a race. . Once race is over, it is normal to hear the coaches and athletes saying, DID WORK!!!
Coaches will normally be seen on the race course saying “athlete, DO WORK”... Or "You DID WORK".
#z3-z4 #hard effort #redlining #anaerobic work #threshold
by Z3-Z4, hard effort, Redlining, January 25, 2012
Used to describe the progress you make with your new girl
"Yo what are you doing tonight bro"
"I am about to kick it with that dimer i met last night"
" Thatta boy, do work son"
#work #effort #get it done #doing work #get r done
by amass May 25, 2010
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