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The sexiest person around. He's a sweetheart who knows how to make everyone smile. Dmarco has so many friends and plenty of people love and adore him.
Damn! Look at Dmarco, he's so sexy, I want his autograph!
by saywhatword June 28, 2012
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D'Marco is a cool person. He is always on social media.He has a lot of friend, and is very loyal. He'll give them advice (only if he's asked). D'Marco has good style, and is a handsome boy (or should be) . People often envy him because of his good style. D'Marco mostly likes seafood. And most D'Marco's favorite color is either Blue or Green.
D'Marco? Oh that's Djaylanddd
by Djaylanddd May 30, 2016
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a guy who treats a girl like complete shit. a guy who goes for only younger girls. everyone secretly hates him but they act like they love him cause hes the "cool kid". hes only inlove with one girl and she is 3 years younger than him.
dmarco the popular black kid who should of been born white
by fatty987567 August 21, 2011
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