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1. The best Key Club Division in the Cali-Nev-Ha District.

2. This division is always in the utmost of spirit and are a bunch of highly dedicate community service members.

3. They serve the and believe in helping their home, school, and community, and combat all forces which tend to undermine those institutions.

4. They are the division that is always in the top 3 during the Southern California Fall Rally Sessions.

5. This division is composed of the following : Bishop, Cent., Cimar., Duran., Clark, Faith, Meadows, NWCTA, Pahrump, Palo, Sierra V., Spring V., Western
John: Who's the loudest during the Southern California Fall Rally Session?

Jessica: I have no clue, but they always wear lime green shirts.

John: Look over there! (points at a kid with a lime green shirt w/ a Seamonkey on it)

Jessica: OH! It's those Division 28 West Seamonkeys!

John: Awesome! I wanna join those Key Clubs in Las Vegas just to be in that division!

Jessica: Me too!
by Key Clubba July 10, 2008

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