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Used commonly by Puerto Ricans or Dominicans as a word to express saying "aww poor you"
Dito, he went home with no 420..
by Sound Gnome March 11, 2008
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Short for 'Idem Dito' (Meaning 'Right back at you')
by TheRealPaardRamon August 17, 2015
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someone who is dumb but said in a nice way
you're such a dito
by amor y paz April 22, 2015
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Used when an idiot can't spell the actual word "ditto".
When someone agrees with your sentiment, they can write the word, "ditto"; however, under-educated people may write "dito".
by mymindseye May 07, 2010
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A man among men. The term dito is used for a man who has a large penis. (9 inches and over)
"Damn Bro your shit is Dito!" or once the word is out that a man has this title he is simply then called "Dito"
by Jessica October 28, 2003
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Another term for "attractive". This term only used in Indonesia, and was first mentioned to a cool guy named Dito. He is very hot and attractive.
A: Hey, look at the guy behind those girls!
B: OMG, he looks really Dito. Omg
by joooooohn January 02, 2012
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An obscene force (in Shih Tzu form) which upon looking directly at will cause permanent head trauma, and quite possibly death and has powers beyond human comprehension.
I'm here in this crazy asylum because I once looked at Dito.
by The Dark Master Dito Himself January 04, 2009
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