A man among men. The term dito is used for a man who has a large penis. (9 inches and over)
"Damn Bro your shit is Dito!" or once the word is out that a man has this title he is simply then called "Dito"
by Jessica October 28, 2003
wheak, lame , skinny, pilznar, spanglish speaker, letting people know your true emotions , a person who wares there feelings on the outside,a wanna be tiger with no game and no drive and no white girls, loves peanuts and peanut butter. someone who cant carrie there own body weight, a pereson who can barly handel a pint of heem, super white feet , looks like hes wareing sox when hes barefooted.
why you acting so 7 days? "wheak like dito" man you just silled mike on my shoe , my foot is all dito. this miller lites got dito in it. i dito my facebook today. i want a dito and jelly sandwitch, can i get some dito with this dito meaning can i get some peanuts with this miller lite?
by that privilaged thang April 16, 2010
Jabbing someone in the kidney or lower ribs (ribs 6, 7 and 8) with the fingers of one hand extended to form the shape of a creditcard.
"I gave her the biggest dito when she wasn't looking."
by Andrew Brownlee July 16, 2004
The oldest form of 'dajto' that preceeds even 'dto'. An ap.
dito däckade under bordet på nyårsafton.
by ap January 16, 2003
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