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Essentially, a crack whore who's covered in mud from the ditch that a trucker pushed her into, after she finished giving him a blowjob.
Phil: "Hey, was that Tessie?"
Chris: "You mean the girl who's covered in mud, with cum on her face? Yeah, that's Tessie."
Phil: "Wow, what a ditch bitch!"
by dirtyjeff June 10, 2008
a girl(or guy) who repeatedly breaks dates with no excuse or reason. one who "ditches" you more than once..
she said we were supposed to have wings tonight but she didn't show, that lousy ditch bitch
by 69 war machine October 22, 2008
adj: someone who constantly is bailing out on you w/ or w/o a "reason".
Me: Are you pumped for the opening premiere of Fear Farm!?

Jonny: Actually, I made plans with Cole to do "something".

Me: But we've planned this for weeks

Jonny: Sorry bro.

Me: (faintly whispers) ditch bitch
by .....anonymous...... October 08, 2011
When you want to meet with someone or sit next to them in class and they end up meeting with someone else or ditching you to sit next to someone else
Boy: Hey dude sit next to me in class?
Dude:Nah man sorry imma sit next to bro...
Boy:Dude fuck you you're such a Ditch Bitch.
by ScifiDeath May 28, 2015
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