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The act of making a bad/shitty/cop-out-of-a-sequel or prequel to an originally good movie.
Sarah: Dude, I heard they were making a sequel to jaws.

Steve: I hope they don't apply the Disney effect to it.
by wolf15668 November 03, 2013
Disease contracted by mostly women (and some men) who ingest too many Disney princess movies. Evidenced by being in love.. with being in love. They are always looking for their "Flynn Ryder", never happy until they are in a relationship. They break up at the drop of a pin when they find out their "true love" is human.
Facebook post, "Dear People, *happy squeak* my hearts tune has changed from "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me" to "I'm Yours" I'm sooooooo happpy! I finally found my Flynn Ryder!"

Followed, two weeks later, by a noticeable silence on their Facebook page- which everyone naturally assumes is because they broke up.

She may of contracted the Disney Effect.
by AQuix January 11, 2014
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