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Disney Syndrome is the development of a flawed out look on life. Little girls think there's true love and a "happily ever after" for all of them. That and their outlook on love is molded into an idea that love is romance and a hot, strong guy that will sweep them off their feet is what romance is (and thus what love is). While in fact none of these things are true.
Brittanie got hit with Disney Syndrome hard when her boyfriend didn't act like the prince she thought he would be.
by BROCKTHELOCK September 09, 2012
Disney Syndrome takes its name from, you guessed it, Disney. It covers the range of beliefs children have been taught from Disney movies. These children grow up believing these movies to be right and are often disillusioned in adulthood even when shown evidence that life isn't a Disney cartoon.

For example, the idea that little girls will find the knight in shining armour to sweep them off their feet (ie, that perfection in a partner exists), or the belief that wild animals are all cuddly and nice (ie, that bears won't maul you for petting their cub), or that someone will take care of things for them when they are at their lowest are all symptoms of Disney Syndrome
My little girl is hoping a handsome, intelligent and rich man will marry her and live in their castle... I don't have the heart to tell her she suffers from Disney Syndrome.
by Clockmaker May 13, 2013
Disney Syndrome is when a person who may act/sing is able to do both, and brags about both. As seen in Hayley Williams and Robert Pattinson interviews.
"Its like, oh I sing to..ehnnngh."
"Disney Syndrome.."
by operaticskeleton December 08, 2008
When a Disney star (most likely a child star) goes out of their way to prove themselves as an individual apart from Disney.
ex: miley cyrus. Her recent outbreak is quite obviously a shout to the world telling people that she is not an innocent little Disney star. This is a common motive.this is Disney syndrome
by craziefuzi January 23, 2014
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