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After having sex missionary style, ask your girlfriend to turn over so that you can begin doggy style. While she's turning over, secretly replace your piece with a dildo of the same size and stature (make sure she can't tell the difference.) Once you start doing it with the dildo, after a while, fall off the bed leaving the dildo inside of her making her think that your junk fell off.
"I was hittin' my girl from behind when I decided to pull a dis-member on her... She almost had a heart attack when she thought my shit fell off."
by Pizzy-to-tha June 21, 2005
One of the best Death Metal bands due to the garage-like sound of their guitars.
Let the Nepalm Rain
by Gunboy March 20, 2004
to cut off a guy's member.
Poor Mason... he was dismembered and now he can't ever have sex again!!!
by danbrown4life February 23, 2008
To but the limbs off of or vivisect a person.
He lunged forward with his sword, dismembering the other warrior.
by Lichdom January 01, 2012
When you remember but it's a really painful memory so you want to distract your discomfort with some ugly transfiguration of a word that just happens to be "I remember". A contraction of I dis-remember.
Oh yeah, those women who are 26 but look like 45 because of extreme crack abuse. Now I dismember.
by i1abnrk February 10, 2011
To fail to remember.
I remember using my keys to get in the house, but I dismember where I left them.
by austin_hawaii August 12, 2009
The opposite of remember. To forget intentionally or unintentionally what was once known.
I dismember what it was like to have sex with her. I just may have to do it again.
by defitment September 01, 2007