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A good company thats way better than Direc TV because of thier faster responding DVR's with bigger hardrives. Believe it or not, most, if not, all of thier newer recievers run on a modified Linux Kernel. And yes, they CAN randomly go into a kernel panic in the middle of an basket ball game & suddenly reboot. But this is very rare.
TV Announcer- Kobe takes the ball and goes for the shot...

**TV Screen goes black for 5 seconds**
Me- "WTF"
TV Screen- "Your reciever has just recovered from a fatal error, if you recieve this message again please contact Dish Network's customer care line, Now scanning for satellites"

Me- Damn you Dish Network!!!! (Well at least its better than the BSOD)

(Im just kidding Linux is a very stable OS with good features lol)
by Kweezy157 April 05, 2009
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