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A person (non-disabled) who picks, tease, torment or bully people with disabilities. It could be either physical or mental.
i don't know if you heard this but Karen she makes fun of the mentally disabled people, she's such a disabled picker. i hate her!
by thefunkynormoman September 12, 2009
a someone (really abled-minded or abled bodied) who torments the mentally disabled people, especially the physically disabled.
No wonder normal people are such disabled pickers, they shouldn't be good human people.
by the non-normal man 88 September 27, 2009
1. A person (really able-minded) who makes fun of the physical disabled especially the mentally disabled which is even more worse than people with physical disabilities
a disabled picker ain't really got no reason of making fun of the mentally disabled, they don't even know why they did it. karma will come get them one day.
by delaman August 21, 2010

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