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A couple who live off the proceeds of DLA (Disability living allowance) While actually not suffering any ailments. Person A is the carer. They spend all their life (external life) looking after person B (The inflicted) who, for example has a sore back from sofa loafing and its now turned into paralysis from the neck down. After months or years of fake caring, its time for person A to claim illness too so they can also claim DLA, generally its stress related or something they have seen on C4 Shameless that lets them have more cash than working a 30K a year job (As that requires getting up on a morning)
OI George, look over there, Lou and Andy are out parading their fake illness again, I saw 'em through the curtains last night on the Kinect doing the Zumba. Fecking Disability twins are at it again.
by workshy willy November 25, 2011
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