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A southern girl who likes to ride quads and get muddy. A girl who talks provocatively to a man.
Did you see her racing that Honda quad through the mud, now that's a dirtygurl! If you could've heard her seductive voice talking to me last night, you would've seen just what a dirtygurl she really is!
#dirtygirl #gurl #dirty #dirtylady #dirtywoman
by kyehigh January 20, 2010
Girls that are bitches and play hella game. Girls who prefer to be shady and chill under the palm trees...Girl who are fond of Halloween.
AP: Yo dude that girl just gave me a dirty look but when no1 is around shes on my nuts
Ya BoyAm : Fuck that BITCH lets go on Christmas island shes a DIRTYGURL.
#girl #dirty #games #halloween #bitch
by Captain B-Skeets ! July 10, 2008
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