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DirtySyko is a godly human being with a friendly attitude, and VERY sexy hair.

I am DirtySyko. His real name is Matt Sutton.

DirtySyko rules.
There goes DirtySyko; My god his hair is beautiful!

I wish I could be like DirtySyko.

DirtySyko beat the Mexican because he stole his pie.

DirtySyko is your friend!
by DirtySyko (Matt Sutton) November 25, 2004
A user on newgrounds who has extremly sexy hair... err... I mean...
DirtySyko is like god in so many ways.
by Master_ Unlucky September 12, 2004
1. One with awesome looking hair.
2. One who wears a Nirvana hat
3. just look on newgrounds k?
Man1:I wish my hair was as long as DirtySykos.
Man2:don't we all...
by DaChazman December 18, 2004
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