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DirtyDjango: 1) screw w/o protection, 2) pullout, 3) get sucked off, 4) piss.

When a well hung guy (black or white; see related films) bones partner's (male or female) ass or twat (well douched or not) without a condom and said partner immediately (or eventually) takes "Django's" thrusty horsecock into mouth to suck him off in some magical fantastic deliriously hysterical notion that "Django's" pulling out prevents STIs and HIV/AIDS infection or conception/fertilization and because his horsecock is so big recipient could not stand being pounded long enough for "Django" to ejaculate. "Django" is at least smart enough to piss immediately after sex (on his willing partner or not) in a mildly logical attempt to sanitize his penis and prevent infection from his partner (since urine is sterile).
Normally, I would say "Auf Wiedersehen." But since what "Auf Wiedersehen" actually means is "'until I see you again" and, since we did the DirtyDjango, I never need to see you again, to you, I say, "Goodbye."

They did the DirtyDjango to avoid getting and infections, but one still got the clap.

She did the DirtyDjango to please her man and avoid getting pregnant, but she still got pregnant, and didn't get his number to let him know. Another bastard is born.

The DirtyDjango is safe sex. (Not really.)
by MrTopper May 04, 2013
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