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An addictive creation that originated in the city of Downey. The exotic dish is the result of gummy worms and KoolAid coming together for an orgasmic delight. These treats are so good that schools across Downey have banned the creation and sale of dirty worms. To make dirty worms, just lightly wet a gummy worm and then cover it with KoolAid powder. Typically eaten in a Zip-lock bag, dirty worms are a must for any candy salesman in Downey.
Hey, have you seen my dirty worms dealer? He's late in bringing me my order!
by xycirk June 13, 2012
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The sexual act of an uncircumcised man wearing 3 ribbed condoms and thrashing a woman's anus after she has taken a crap, then getting the woman to bite the top of the condom and blow the load in her face.
Chad: Hey Dave, what are you doing tonight?

Dave: I was gonna slip your mom the dirty worm then explode on her face.

Chad: ... Sounds fun!
by Donkie April 03, 2007

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