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The dirty V shaped hair line from the ageing male.
Look at the state of your dirty V's Tom. have some self respect and shave it off.

Tom seriously have you seen your dirty v's now.

That Peado with the dirty v's dad, just gave me a werthers.
by sinclairio March 25, 2014
1) Vincennes University: Oldest public institution of higher learning in Indiana. Refereed to as the Dirty V by most who attend due to school policies, ethnic groups, and location south of Terre Haute, IN.
Hey dude you going back to the Dirty V this fall?
by BigSamuel August 18, 2011
a toxic squirt from matts vag that can burn through skin very dangerous avoid at all costs also a smelly squirt
OMG that dirty v just missed my eye you matt vagicle!
by titysucker mgee August 12, 2011
The brown V-shaped stain left on the rear of the crapper after a total fat-body pinches a loaf.
Bill : " So Mike, why did all of your roommates move out ? "

Mike : " Well Bill, apparentely because of the high volume of " Dirty V's " I left on the toilet seat !!! "
by M-Dizzy March 24, 2005
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