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When a baseball closer comes into a game in a save situation, but does not finish the game without giving the other team a good chance of winning.
Brian Fuentes entered the bottom of the ninth with a 5-2 lead and put up a 'Dirty Fuentes'. He proceeded to walk two, gave up one hit, and two runs. Yet was able to close out the game and earn a save.
by jawone87 June 24, 2010
The term "Dirty Fuentes" was created by ESPN fantasy expert and former Married with Children writer Mathew Berry. While thinking of past Dirty Sanchez's with co-star Nate Ravitz, he coined the phrase to describe an awful performance by a closer who still received a win or a save.

Brad Lidge gave up two home-runs but still received a save for last night’s game, giving him the Dirty-Fuentes.
Brad Lidge gave up two home-runs but still recieved a save for last nights game, giving him the Dirty-Fuentes.
by saltycubsfan June 24, 2010
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by jessica420 July 15, 2009
The male dons a clown costume and proceeds to lovingly insert the red rubber nose ball in his partner's bootyhole. When he is ready to make passionate love, the nose ball is removed and worn by the partner. Lovemaking continues.
Cindy: Clowns are so sexy. I'm glad we decided to do this role playing thing!
Mike: let me show you something...
Cindy: This smells like candy corn!
Mike: Smells like a dirty fuentes!
by BongzFoLyfer February 19, 2009
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